Tails Gallery

For parents, teachers, and librarians- here’s some questions to start pictures or stories:

–The stories had lots of animals in them. Which animal did you admire? Write a letter or poem to that animal. Draw a picture of that animal.


–If you had a tail, what kind would it be?  Draw a picture of yourself with your new tail. Write a story of you and your tail.

— Some animals have odd tails. Why does a pig have that curly tail? Why is an elephant’s tail so short? Do you know of another odd tail? Write a story about how those odd tails happened.

— Maybe an animal would like to trade tails with another.  Which animals would those be? Draw a picture of them, tell their story.

— Do you know of an animal with an unusual tail? Draw a picture, tell the story of that animal. It might be a real one – it might be one you made up!

When you and your kids create responses, send photos to cris@storiesconnect.com and I’ll post it to the Gallery.  Excited to see what comes in!