Here are some questions to ask yourself about the stories you heard. You can make some art! Then go to my website, click contact, paste in your story or picture and I’ll post it to the Tails Gallery!

–The stories had lots of animals in them. Which animal did you admire? Write a letter or poem to that animal. Draw a picture of that animal.

–If you had a tail, what kind would it be?  Draw a picture of yourself with your new tail. Write a story of you and your tail.

— Some animals have odd tails. Why does a pig have that curly tail? Why is an elephant’s tail so short? Do you know of another odd tail? Write a story about how those odd tails happened.

— Maybe an animal would like to trade tails with another.  Which animals would those be? Draw a picture of them, tell their story.

— Do you know of an animal with an unusual tail? Draw a picture, tell the story of that animal. It might be a real one – it might be one you made up!