And it’s the THIRD Quickie!

Happy September to all, especially to those who are back in school.  So, tension is the enemy of the strong, effective voice. Lots of us carry tension in the back of the neck down across the shoulders. A simple way to ease this tightness?  With the tip of your nose,  slowly ‘draw’ an infinity sign, a side-ways figure eight, in the air.  Doesn’t have to be big. Do this a few times, and feel the relaxation spread down your neck.  Can we compare that to honey?  Yes, it surely is sweet.

Second Voice Quickie!

Another fast warm-up tip:  HUM.   You can’t damage your voice humming, and it gets the resonances going.   Concentrate on getting the vibration ‘tickle’ going on your lips and the tip of your nose.   Hum a favorite song — do pick one with fun lyrics to sing along in your head!  Humming can also help expand your vocal range.  Slide up and down, higher in pitch, and lower.  Experiment with the extremes–that’s how to discover new abilities.

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Voice Quickies

Starting this month and then every month, I’ll be posting a quickie technique you can use right away to help your voice.  Warm-ups, performance tips, all do-able quickly.  This month’s quickie:  Need to wake up/warm up your voice in a hurry?  One word–YAWN.  Just think to yourself how comfortable a yawn would feel right now…and here it comes.  A great big one!  The yawn brings ease and relaxation to the back of your throat, as well as opening free passage for air.

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on past summer

Abiyoyo at Dansville Public Library

Once Upon A Lake festival in Hammondsport NY was terrific!  Like them on Facebook so you know about next year’s festivities!  My summer shows are all done, on to my last year teaching public school, I’m astounded.  I will be performing at Dansviile ArtWorks in November–watch for the date!

summer kids are remarkable

Who doesn’t worry that the stories chosen will fit with the audience? For a hero tale I chose The Giant With No Heart– a good fifteen-minute tale. Concerned for the youngest listeners, and I shouldn’t have worried.  Even a two-year-old followed intently!  From a mom: The storytelling program was a great time! I love how she incorporated values like honesty and persistence in her stories, and told everyone they can be a hero. You don’t need a cape, or even be strong, she said. My six year old grandson loved it!!”  Next shows are Livonia 7/30, 10:30 am and Lima 7/31, 2 pm–both at the lublic libraries.


More stories, please

August 15th in Hammondsport there will be stories-with Motoko and Eshu Bumpus! That’s the same day as the craft festival, do come for the many arts. The festival is now not-for-profit; expenses for that were draining. Please come support Finger Lakes Storytelling! Kids free at 1 pm, headline performance at 7pm for $10, both at Hammondsport Central School auditorium.


Welcome  to the new Stories Connect! I’m heroically getting this summer’s program together.  First show is Dansville Public Library, July 7 at 1 pm.  Heroes were harder to identify and locate than I thought.  Unexpected ones, now that’s a bunch of characters for me.