Congratulate yourself

Voice requires continuous practice and adventuring to new places.  The more exercises you do, the more frequently you work your voice out, the fuller and more responsive your voice gets.  Good for you!

Here’s a fun game for the car (or during chores- a time when your body might be busy):  sing along with the radio or CD or Pandora, however you get your music.  Now, add intention to your interpretation.  You can chose the positive side: sing to attract a lover, sing to invite someone in, sing to thank someone (even Mother Nature).  Then there’s the opposite:  sing to kick someone out, to refuse a gift, to bring down a plague of scorpions-  you get the picture. Go to extremes with these.

Try not to imagine how you will sound as you are choosing your intention.  Let your voice surprise you.

A variation on this:  choose a character to sing.  it might be a stereotype (a witch, a handsome prince, the eldest son), or one from a story you are working on, or maybe someone you just met.  These are explorations in voice response to input, and allow you to find new expressions.

Like always, have fun!

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