Fill the Space with Sound

So we tell tales in various places and spaces.  Sometimes with microphones, many times without.  So you need to fill a big space with your voice, your characters.  Yell?  Please don’t!  First, remind yourself to talk to the back row.  Voice, the production of words and sounds, comes from the desire to communicate Just keeping those people back there in your mind will improve your vocal carrying power.

Try this:  Find a biggish space to work in (even your living room or basement will do). Breathe deeply for several breaths.  Then add sound, just ahh.  Now add your hand in a throwing motion toward the farthest wall. Throw, literally throw your hand and with it your voice.  Keep your breath going! Try not to make short sounds, but keep the breath — and therefore the sound — going

Another game for this exercise:  Imagine that your breath and voice can paint.  Using deep breaths, paint the opposite wall full of color.  Let your sound flow out and fill the space.  Use your hands, your body to create “shapes”.  This practice will show you the connection between voice and body.  Repeat in your practicing, and the effects of the work will remain in your performing.

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