January Quickie — Trippingly on the Tongue

We tellers seek to be understood, both in tale and the telling of it.  Pronunciation is a premium skill! To speak clearly, practice the most difficult:  tongue twisters.  Peter Piper is reasonably easy.  Toy Boat or Unique New York, not so much–  at least for my particular mouth.  We each have easy and challenging sets of sounds.  Find your hardest, and practice slowly.  These thousand tricky tongue twisters trip thrillingly off the tongue!

Here are  few websites to giggle through:

English Twisters  There are 590 here!

Fun With Words  Some links to yet other twister sites here.

School Jokes  Oh my, there are so so many here, you’ll be twisting the night away.

And check the App Store, there even is an App for these.

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