December’s Quickie– got phlegm??

We all get it – that bit of goo in the throat.  Here’s a little trick:  Exhale softly, making a “kaaah’ sound.  Now inhale, making the same “kaaah.”  What’s happening here? You are moving the back of your tongue up to meet your soft palate  Repeat this in-out action five or six times, and the issue should be resolved.   You might yawn in response to the soft palate actions, and yawning is always good.  Keep your throat warm in the cold weather, and happy holidays to all!

One thought on “December’s Quickie– got phlegm??

  1. Thanks, Cris,
    I love all your tips. They truly are easy and very useful! If only I had a card file in my brain for when I’m out and need one ….

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