November Quickie

This seems like an easy one —  breathe.  But are you breathing properly, fully?  Take a deep breath, right now.  Does your whole chest expand?  You need breath to make sound.  Explore your rib cage, from the lowest right by your waist, to the top, not quite to your collarbone.  Where there are ribs, there are lungs.Image result for ribcage

Our torso muscles get tight, through nerves, holding our stomachs in, fatigue.   Finding your natural breath is fun and easy: When you wake up tomorrow morning, don’t move right away.  Notice your breathing.  You haven’t had a chance to get tense about anything, so this is the easiest, freest breathing you have.  Feel what’s moving, how your stomach responds to a breath coming in.  Now sit up, stand up, try to keep that easy breath going.
Babies do it all the time!  We can re-reach ourselves, and create a strong foundation for a powerful voice.

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