About Cris Riedel

A twenty-year veteran of performing stories, Cris likes best to tell the old ones.  Folktales of those who solve the problem–and save the day–with their wits.  She has performed at the National Storytelling Conference, and the Stone Soup and Lehigh Valley Festivals.  This year she  celebrated twelve years of receiving grants for telling for summer reading programs in her native western New York state.

From Cris's Commentary

Using recordings? February 5, 2018

People say “I don’t like my voice, it sounds horrible on a recording!” I am often asked if listening to recordings helps you work on your voice.  Well, yes and no.  Mostly no.  Be careful of the quality of the recording you are listening to.  It may not sound like the Real You in the … Continue reading Using recordings?

Congratulate yourself January 4, 2018

Voice requires continuous practice and adventuring to new places.  The more exercises you do, the more frequently you work your voice out, the fuller and more responsive your voice gets.  Good for you! Here’s a fun game for the car (or during chores- a time when your body might be busy):  sing along with the … Continue reading Congratulate yourself