About Cris Riedel

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A thirty-year veteran of performing stories, Cris likes best to tell the old ones.  Her favorites are folktales of those who solve the problem-and save the day–with their wits. 

She helped found The Worldwide Virtual Storytelling Guild, https://www.nestorytelling.org/virtual-storytelling-guild/ and has performed at the National Storytelling Conference, and the Stone Soup and Lehigh Valley Festivals. 

Cris is currently working on a video on the basics of voice for Northeast Storytelling’s up-coming web library.



From Cris's Commentary

NEW WORK! November 26, 2023

new work! Starting work on a different kind of story program! Since my health is requiring me to leave summer reading programs behind, I’m looking at the cultural history of Livingston County and the stories those folks might have brought with them. French, Scottish, English, German – lots of fun.

August 24, 2022

OCEANS OF POSSIBILITIES VIDEO! Stories from Japan, Brazil, Nigeria, Finland, Scotland…and a chanty from Cape Cod. Link is above –  Enjoy!