About Cris Riedel

A twenty-year veteran of performing stories, Cris likes best to tell the old ones.  Folktales of those who solve the problem–and save the day–with their wits.  She has performed at the National Storytelling Conference, and the Stone Soup and Lehigh Valley Festivals.  This year she  celebrated eleven years of receiving grants for telling for summer reading programs in her native western New York state.

From Cris's Commentary

We’re of two voices October 2, 2017

The human voice seems to have two parts — high and low.  You have resonators: in the head, and in the chest.  Your sound changes depending on how much resonance is focused on which part of your body.  You’ve tried sirens up and down, yes?  And there’s the clunk when you move between the two. Well, … Continue reading We’re of two voices

More air! September 11, 2017

Voice needs air!  Air takes up room!  You need room for your lungs to expand, so there will be plenty of air to support your sound.  Here’s how to expand your ribcage volume:  spine curls.  These can be done standing or seated. Let your head fall forward onto your chest (I promise it won’t fall … Continue reading More air!