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"Marvelous work!"Jay O'Callahan

"Boy were the kids at the library thrilled with your storytelling!  You are the best." --Bonnie Schweizer., Peterson Memorial Library

"Enchanting, entertaining, inspiring…"Melonie R. Coley, Genesee Country Express

"WOW! Your storytelling was the highlight..."Rick A. Davis, Executive Director Fredonia Storytelling Festival

"Powerful, polished, professional ..." —Jo Radner, former director, National Storytelling Network 


When Cris Riedel tells stories, folks love to listen.

She says, "Everyone wants to hear stories. Stories make us - and keep us - human. It's more and more important for us to understand and appreciate others. Stories connect all people to each other, and to the past, and to future people, relationships all coming from the shared experience of a story."

"The students were completely wrapped up in your storytelling." —Kim Hoffman, SUNY Geneseo


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Linda Goodman's review says my cd "features familiar multi-cultural tales given new life by the strong voice and enthusiastic telling of an intuitive teller who grabs the essence of each tale and makes it sing...With talented tellers like Riedel sharing them, these tales are given a life of their own."
Click on CONTACT ME to order!  CDs are $15.00, which includes shipping.  Thank you!